The Claim Filing Process

  1. Getting Started
  2. Reviewing Your Medical Records
  3. Preparing Your Claim
    • Proving Your Claim
  4. Filing Your Claim
    • Veterans Organizatinos
    • Informal Claims
    • Formal Claims
    • Online Form
  5. Claim Arrival at Regional Office
    • Compensation & Pension Exam
    • Disability Exam Worksheet
    • Rating Team Decision

Preparing Your Claim

When submitting your claim all pages must have your NAME and SSN. Ensure you make copies of all documents before you mail them requesting certified receipt.

Proving Your Claim

Your claim must PROVE that while on active duty status you had an injury or illness that had a causal (contributory) relationship to a current illness. You must prove the following:

  1. The disability was a result of disease or injury incurred or aggravated during active military service
  2. The disease or injury was documented. Medical record Company records Sworn statements
  3. Your current condition was caused or aggravated by the documented disease or injury
  4. You had continuous care for this disease or injury
  5. You current disease or illness is secondary to (stems from) an already documented disease or injury. In other words; you have a documented disease or injury that is causing another claimable disease or injury

Meeting the requirements listed above will increase the probability of approval.

Good To Know:
VBA Annual Benefits Reports

Total Individual Service-Connected Disabilities by Evaluation for Veterans Receiving Compensation at End of Fiscal Year 2006
Evaluation Number of Disabilities Percent of Total
0% 2,451,180 30.2%
10% 3,279,400 40.3%
20% 871,701 10.7%
30% 625,350 7.7%
40% 222,164 2.7%
50% 183,003 2.3%
60% 147,396 1.8%
70% 105,175 1.3%
80% 10,791 0.0%
90% 3,337 0.0%
100% 228,814 2.8%
Total 8,128,351 100%