1. How can I get a copy of my DD 214 if I need it?
  2. How long will it take to receive a decision on my compensation claim
  3. How much does VA pay in compensation?
  4. I am the widow/surviving spouse of a veteran. Am I entitled to any benefits?
  5. What are the Veteran Non-Service Connected Pension Rates ?
  6. My disabilities are not related to my service. Are there any benefits for which I might qualify?
  7. My service-connected disability has worsened since receiving my current disability evaluation. What should I do?
  8. What if I have another disability not previously claimed?
  9. How does VA determine the level of compensation payable?
  10. Can I get back compensation payments?
  11. How much does VA pay for pension benefits?
  12. Never filed for compensation. How do I file a claim for VA disability compensation?
  13. Can I be paid retroactively to when I was discharged?
  14. Are there other VA benefits related to compensation?
  15. What is the difference between VA disability compensation and VA pension?
  16. When will my benefits be effective if the claim is approved?
  17. What should I do if I think an error was made on a previous disability decision?
  18. I never applied for compensation. Will VA Help me in Obtaining Required Information?
  19. If VA increases my disability rating or adds another disability, when will my increased benefits be effective?
  20. Can I have my claim reconsidered even though denied in the past?
  21. Do I need to do anything if I have a claim or appeal pending with VA?
  22. How/where do I apply for health care?
  23. Change of Address?
  24. What health benefits and services are not covered by VA?
  25. Can I get a copy of my discharge papers?
  26. Am I eligible for free prescriptions?
  27. Am I eligible for a nursing home?
  28. What does CARES mean?
  29. Can I reopen a claim for disability compensation?
  30. Why should I enroll?
  31. How can I check on the status of my pending claim?
  32. I need a copy of my VA medical records. How can I get them?
  33. How Long will I remain enrolled?
  34. How do I find the nearest VA facility to my home?
  35. Direct Deposit - How may I change my Direct Deposit Destination?
  36. What is a State Veterans Home?
  37. Should I keep my health insurance?
  38. Direct Deposit - May I apply by telephone?
  39. Direct Deposit of VA Benefits?
  40. How do I find a VA facility, VA office, or an address?
  41. Who is eligible to receive health care through the VA system?
  42. What is a service-connected disability?
  43. Do I need to have incurred an illness or injury while wearing a uniform, on base or on a ship or at war?
  44. What is direct service connection?
  45. Does VA provide hearing aids and eyeglasses?
  46. I’ve heard we can file for benefits on the Internet. How does that work?
  47. Should I rely on a Veterans Affairs doctor to provide such opinions?
  48. What is the standard of proof for medical evidence?
  49. How does the VA assign disability ratings?
  50. I am already rated at 100%. Can I get additional financial benefits?
  51. I have three injuries rated at 10, 30 and 50 percent. Why aren’t I paid a for 90% disability?
  52. My disabilities, although not so severe as to be rated at 100%, still prevent me from working. Can I get additional benefits for this?
  53. What can I do to expedite my claim?
  54. How do I get a copy of my record to identify adverse information?

Should I keep my health insurance?

VA's ability to provide health care benefits is restricted each year to that amount of dollars appropriated by Congress for the provision of health care to veterans. That amount could, in any given year, require the VA to restrict the number of veterans enrolled for health care benefits. This means that in a given year the VA may not be in a position to enroll you, and you would have to depend on your own health insurance.